Is The Fog Finally Lifting?

I can’t say for sure yet and certainly don’t wanna jinx it, but things appear to finally be improving around here.

It’s been over a year since my last post. Last summer, I ran into a Lyme flare-up that led to garden neglect and more general non-functioning. It didn’t get much better through the winter but I kept hanging on, working with the medicine I had (when I could afford it – the on/off of which probably led to my issues).

Spring found me a bit better and we did get the garden started at least. I found a different medicine (have to keep switching it up every so often because Lyme bacteria loves to adapt). Though still expensive, and gross tasting, I was optimistic.

Fast forward to summer, a new flare-up and more garden neglect (thinking the heat may be affecting my illness at this point, as it happens around the same time of the summer – planning to re-do the garden to make next year easier). It’s so overgrown right now, so no pics! I’m hanging in there, planning to harvest what I can and make some medicines for Autumn as I’m able to. If I can manage wild-harvesting jewelweed, goldenrod, more of my garden yarrow, making fire cider, and bringing the kitchen herbs that made it closer to the house for continual harvesting, I’ll call it a win. If I can also make salves and vinegars, get some ferments happening, plant some sprouts, additional kitchen herbs, and salad greens for my porch or windowsill…even better! It’s been a tough year for salad…even the local farmer’s market didn’t have it. I miss a good salad (car broke down so grocery trips are minimal).

I’m excited for Autumn! The medicine seems to be working, though I can’t afford to buy more before it runs out – hopefully it doesn’t set me back any.

We’re still unschooling. My oldest graduated, though we could’ve done it last year, as well as he was doing. My youngest got his portfolio assessed and I re-applied for the coming year (8th grade). Honestly, though, we simply don’t stop learning for summer break in this house. He’s been at it continually, with new goals to tackle this “school year”. When it’s self-directed and (at least mostly) fun, it’s simply not a chore to avoid.

I’ve been working toward goals for the house and garden. When a project runs the budget dry, it’s simply more planning for the next phase. Progress is slower than we’d prefer but still a faster pace than before I started getting just that little bit better. On the spiritual side of things, I have been exploring some new things, re-learning others, and finally felt up to answering the call to revisit tarot (something I enjoyed and was good at in my younger years).

My brother, who has done psychic readings for years, came out of the blue and told me about a new site he’s working through, asking if he should connect me to who hired him. Not sure if I’m comfortable doing readings again yet but it’s something to think about, should my old aptitude re-emerge and I’m up to the energetic toll it can sometimes take to do an intense reading. Lyme can rob you of all of that – I’m out of practice on spellwork, general holiday observance (save for a minimal thing I do), and all that but eager to jump back in.

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I’m finally feeling up to working again and not a moment too soon…we could really use the money! Soon, I’ll be adding a portfolio page to this site (until I can justify the cost of moving it to a site of its own, with more going on), to offset the samples I can’t add to my actual work profile (formatting issues and that). Rick, my partner, is making changes to perhaps shift to a job that suits his needs better. That’s been a long time coming and should be way better for his mental health. So me finding some steady work will assist his transition too.

With all that, things finally feel a bit on the uptick. We’ve been suffering and fighting for it so long. Part of me feels like it’s about damn time we see progress and/or results from all our efforts and part of me doesn’t want to count our chickens before they’ve hatched out and shown their fortitude.

So, that’s the update. I know I’m always saying “I hope to post more often in the future”, but I really do mean it. Hopefully, this time, the ‘fog of sick and overwhelmed’ lifts enough to allow me to stick to it properly. This blogsite is largely a ‘get my many interests organized and talked about’ kind of diary project for me, with plans on turning it into something more meaningful for the community at large…but, that said, I’m grateful for every view and comment it gets. Every bit of genuine interaction it generates. Every bit of community it inspires. Thank you for the time you spend here. You are appreciated and I hope you have a wonderful day!