Hocking Hills – To Log Or To Preserve?

In something of a follow-up to my post about The Wayne being in danger of fracking leases, I am now posting an alert to a danger in the Hocking Hills area.

Hocking Hills is a popular tourist destination, and a total gem to locals.  There is so much here – history, natural beauty, activities such as camping and hiking, and great food culture too.  Unfortunately, some see all that amazing and immediate think it’s something to tear up for profit.

An area of the Hills known as the Spruce Run watershed is under consideration for logging.  This section, near Conkle’s Hollow, is home to rare Hemlocks and boasts gorgeous rock formations.

Luckily, instead of running full steam ahead, the ODF (Ohio Division of Forestry) is also considering preserving it and wants to hear from the public about it.  Comments will be accepted through the end of September.  Together, we can help preserve a natural treasure and keep it recognizable for future generations.


Author: Lisa

I'm a mom, a writer, a marketer, and a nature lover.

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