A Mansfield, MO Charmer

I found this lovely old house charming even before I realized why Mansfield, MO sounded so familiar to me.  Mansfield is where Laura Ingalls Wilder and her husband, Almanzo, settled.

For those who don’t know, she wrote The Little House series (affiliate link), which inspired a TV show in the ’70s.  I watched the re-runs as a kid (and again as an adult), but didn’t read the books until this past summer.  They’re written in a way that’s easy for kids to read but detailed enough to hold an adult’s interest.  In addition to guiding my mind back to a time my ancestors would have recognized, those pages demonstrated a few good homesteading methods.  🙂

This house is said to be a similar style to the one Almanzo and Laura built on their Missouri Ozarks homestead (compare).  As usual, when I see old houses, I find myself wanting to back-date the decor.  The home has good bones, though, and is adorable in any case.  And the setting…well, it’s tough to beat!  Click the image for more pictures of this lovely property.


Author: Lisa

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