Wildcraft’s on Sale!

Heads up, y’all!  The Wildcraft game is on sale, until this Thursday.  Typically, it only goes on sale in the winter, around Christmas-time, I believe.

For those who hadn’t heard of it yet, it’s a board game that teaches herbs and is cooperative (rather than competitive). My kids were stoked to get it for Christmas a couple years ago.  And, us adults enjoyed playing it too.  I also got their Herb Fairies set last year, when I was homeschooling my youngest.  Heck, the whole she-bang they offer is very cool.  If you’re into herbs at all, Learning Herbs is definitely worth a look-see!

If you have heard of it and  been on the fence about buying it, or waiting for it to go back on sale, now’s your chance.  Till Thursday, it’s down to $19.99 and you still get all the bonuses.

Image result for wildcraft game


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